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10-11-2008, 09:40 AM

[Robert Owens is a Ron Paul supporter!]

Televised Ohio Attorney General Debate

COLUMBUS, Ohio — WBNS-10TV, ONN and The Columbus Dispatch will host a debate on Oct. 14 at 8 p.m. in an effort to provide Ohioans with an opportunity to learn more about the candidates for Attorney General.

The debate will be broadcast live from the COSI studio in Columbus. Facing off will be Democrat Richard Cordray, Republican D. Michael (Mike) Crites and Independent candidate Robert M. Owens.

In traditional question/answer format, the debate will be moderated by veteran 10TV Anchor Jerry Revish. The four-member panel will include John Fortney, 10TV anchor and host of ONN’s premier political talk program “Capitol Square;” Columbus Dispatch Reporter James Nash; ONN Statehouse Reporter Dan Weist; and Karen Kasler, of Ohio Public Radio and TV.

The three candidates are vying to fill a two-year vacancy left by the former attorney general, Marc Dann, who resigned during a sexual harassment scandal.

“In this critical election year, we’re pleased to combine resources and give our viewers the chance to gain a more thorough understanding of the candidates and issues before their ballots are cast this November,” said Tom Griesdorn, 10TV and ONN president and general manager. “Ohio’s political and news watchers will find 10TV and ONN to be the local and statewide channels to watch for the outcomes and impact of Election 2008.”

10TV and ONN will provide live Web streaming of the debate in its entirety on 10TV.com and ONNtv.com. In addition, viewers who are Time Warner Cable digital customers will be able to access the debate on an unlimited basis on Time Warner’s Local on Demand (LOD) channels in Mid-Ohio, Northeast and Southwest Ohio.

Stay with 10TV and ONN for continuing Campaign 2008 coverage.


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Robert Owens - First TV ad


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Great ad.

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One honest and constitutional attorney general in these United States could make major changes to our corrupt system. For one, he could challeng the unconstitutional federal legal tender laws. Another, he could challenge the illegal federal collection of income taxes on wages. Another, illegal collection and spending of federal money for unconstitutional agencies such as the departments of education, energy, etc. Another, ballot access laws favoring Dems and Repubs. And on and on.

It was an attorney general in Mississippi that cost the tobacco companies billions for their illegal activities. We need a similar (but less wasteful) assault against the federal mafia.