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10-10-2008, 03:13 PM

Friday, 10/10/2008


Musician and congressional candidate Sean Ryan to suspend political campaign to protest the immoral monetary system that has led directly to an international economic crisis.

Contact: Sean Ryan (617-388-8616)

Statement from Sean H. Ryan, candidate for U.S. Congress:

With the world-wide economic emergency having reached dire and destructive proportions, and with the slow but steady creep towards American fascism having accelerated at least to a moderate jog, I have decided to suspend my campaign and commence a 72-hour fast by the steps of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. I believe that the window of time in which it was possible to work effectively within our political system for the reform of our economic system has expired. The majority of Americans I’ve spoken to over the past several months are scared, and so am I. A slow sense of desperation is setting in, accompanied by feelings of moral indignation. But few fully understand that our nation’s irresponsible and immoral monetary policy, embodied by the Cleveland Fed and its sister branches, was instrumental in sowing the seeds of this disaster. In the spirit of Gandhi and other great reformers, I feel compelled to do my modest part to raise awareness about a moral issue affecting the lives of millions of people around the globe.

I will begin my 72-hour fast outside the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland tomorrow, Saturday, October 10, at 12 PM. Each day at noon, I will deliver an address, which I ask members of the media either kindly to cover or to publish (as an op-ed piece, for example). I will wear a tuxedo, and I will bring with me a chair, a blanket, reading materials, a pad of paper, and a pencil. At the end of my fast, inspired by the musical example of the brave people of Iceland (who sang outside their second-largest bank as it failed on Wednesday), I will be joined by a small group of instrumentalists, who will play a brief but calming concert as I deliver an address to the American people on the sorry state of our union. Perhaps, in these perilous times, and in the words of cellist Pau Casals, a little “music will save the world.”

Saturday, 10/11/08, 12 noon
Open Letter to Baldwin, Barr, Kucinich, McKinney, and Nader,
Concerning a unified 3rd-party presidential ticket.

Sunday, 10/12/08, 12 noon
Open Letter to Dr. Ron Paul,
Concerning the philosophy of Non-Violence.

Monday, 10/13/08, 12 noon
Open Letter to the Secretaries of State of New Hampshire and Vermont,
Concerning the advisability of secession from the U.S. Empire.

Tuesday, 10/14/08, 12 noon
Address to the American People:
“Will you go down with a sinking ship? I, for one, will not.”

At the conclusion of my address, I will exercise my right and civic responsibility - as an American who even now has faith in the value and power of individualism, non-violence and a democratic form of government - and vote in the special election to fill the unexpired term of Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones. I urge all of my fellow 11th district residents to vote as well, for whichever candidate they believe will truly represent the cause of peace, the light of freedom, and the true path to prosperity.

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