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10-10-2008, 07:15 AM
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10-10-2008, 07:45 AM

Letter: Two parties give up support over bailout bill

Amarillo, Texas
October 10, 2008

As a first-time voter, I have paid careful attention to the issues facing America. Unfortunately, neither congressional candidate will receive my vote.

Rep. Mac Thornberry, along with 25 spineless Republicans, changed his vote on the Wall Street bailout. Earlier in the week he stated that the "bill is an unprecedented intrusion by government" but then voted for the bill when 150 billion taxpayer dollars were added. His claim of fiscal conservatism lost all credibility.

His support of the Wall Street bailout aligns more closely with liberal philosophy. Democratic candidate Roger Waun also supported the bailout. I'll admit that the bailout will serve a temporary fix and the markets may respond favorably for a while, but ultimately it will delay and prolong an inevitable dollar crash.

Therefore, I am making an intellectual decision to vote for neither congressional candidate because neither represents my interests. My same logic applies to the presidential race, but I have a choice with the write-in Constitutional candidate Chuck Baldwin. He has been endorsed by former presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul.

I urge voters in the 13th Congressional District to support Baldwin for president and reject both congressional candidates.

Clint Townsend