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10-09-2008, 05:18 PM


We have been promoting the Pink Slip for Congress for a while now, (http://www.freedomisnotdead.org/notice.htm) there is a "NOTICE OF TERMINATION" on our website you can print out and present to your representive. Now that is not going so well as people tend to be reluctant to actually face the culprits. We have the solution: Remember all the Political signs lining streets, in yards, in front of public buildings? We have one that will be really noticed.

18" X 24" (color is really pink with Black lettering) Spaces left for putting in Name, Job title and reason for termination which can be written in with Magic Marker. Bottom says "Eligible for Rehire" yes or no...

The signs have been paid for by our organization and we have a very good deal on them. Packages of 100 signs cost $250.00. Now that is cheap by any standard. We need you to buy bundles of these signs and at the price we are getting for them you can even charge a little more and make a few dollars also for your time and trouble. To keep this price we cannot sell just one or two signs, the shipping would eat us alive but in bundles of 100 the cost of shipping can be absorbed. We have paid the set up fees and design cost, they will be ready to ship within 4 days so they can be placed before the elections take place.

The signs are ready to go, all you have to do is write in your representives Name with Magic Marker and put them in the public area in front of his office or home. Take photos and leave. You can be sure the signs will not stay up very long so it is imperative to take photos.. these photos will do more than you can imagine. Post the photos on websites, meetup groups, my space, You tube, everywhere. This will work and get the attention of people in the area as well as nationwide. You Tube videos will be great, make sure to get them posted ASAP. Send us the URL and we will publicize them everywhere also.

This will be fun and so effective... Lets get going on it Now.. Don't Wait... No one else is going to do it for us we have to do this ourselves.

Post this notice on your Meetup Groups, pool your money, work together.

Place these signs in front of every Congressional District office and at the Congressmans Home ( home addresses are listed on the Freedomisnotdead.org website) Make sure to take lots of photos of the event. Send the photos to me asap and we will make sure they are on the website within minutes. Call the news media in your town, tell them what time you will be placing these signs, they will send a photographer you can bet on that.. Embarass the culprits in their own home district where they depend on people to vote for them.


With this new organization we have opened a Yahoo group to be able to handle the correspondence from members. The group will be moderated so we don't get the spam and mess that goes on with some of the other groups.

Please join us at: freedomisnotdead-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


The organization is forming up faster than we expected, we have several who have joined our Board of Directors with a $100 or more donation and we sincerely appreciate your confidence and willingness to help organize this important group. Your membership papers are on the way. There is still a long way to go towards making the filing of Criminal charges against some of the Senators and Congressmen happen. It will take funds. They need to be available now to get the paperwork in progress to file before the elections.

Please chip in now. Do not wait


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