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10-08-2008, 02:38 PM
This is the challenge based upon the 2006 election for Steve Miller, candidate for IL 7th Congressional District. If you are on this email list then the voice of Liberty is in need of your help if you are willing.

2006 U.S. 7th Congressional District Election Results
COOK 143071 21939 1
Totals 143071 21939 1

I would expect a 20% higher turn out in voters for the 2008 general election.

EXPECTED 2008 7th Congressional Voter Turnout Total Votes for the Illinois 7th Congressional District: 198,011.

143071 + 20% = 171,685 Davis 2008 Projection 85%
MINUS 21,939 + 20% = 26, 326 Miller 2008 Projection 15%

If Danny Davis wins, the voice of liberty loses.
EQUALS 145,358 Vote Variance /2 = 72,679 + 1 additional votes needed to WIN the 2008 7th Congressional District Election.
Every 2,000 additional votes adds one (1%) percent to your total. Currently you are at about 15%. We need to reach 70,000 more people to win. The good news is that we are in second place currently. For $2,500 dollars we can print 70,000+ palm cards. Funds must be raised. If we deploy 30 volunteers and ask them to hand out 2,500 hand cards or 100 per day over the next 25 days Liberty can win. OR have 60 volunteers hand out 50 hand cards over the next 25 days Liberty can win. OR have 120 volunteers hand out 12 hand cards over the next 25 days and Liberty can win. Please help Steve with his message and it's distribution.

Chicago's 42nd Ward has 70,000 voters registered to vote minus Republicans it would be about 50,000. This is a very large percent of the population. The Miller for Congress Team need a strategy meeting on Tuesday of next week to dissect the numbers and put in a reverse engineered plan of action. An example of our metrics looks like this...

One person can phone call about 200 people in a four hour time span. In essence you would need: 350 people calling for a four hour time span to contact 70,000 voters OR 700 people calling for a two hour time span. We know you don't have this many people or phones, yet. So, you must GROW the campaign team NOW! If you don't have 30 committed people by Tuesday of next week on Tuesday you cannot win. You must present this challenge to everyone you know and meet. First get to 30 and then to 60. Everyone must double themselves by bringing a willing friend. Start your list, count the number of people working on the campaign, ask them to bring a friend to your next event. Plead for help to attack in both money and time.

Liberty and Freedom is in your hands. VOTE and MOBILIZE as if your life depends on it.

FORWARD THIS EMAIL to at least 5 friends! All forwards should be copied, if possible, to Dan Ferreri, Campaign Manger for Steve Miller for Congress 2008 at dan.ferreri@millerforcongress2008.com .

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