View Full Version : The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher. Fascinating and troubling.

10-08-2008, 11:58 AM
Very profound, please take a look:


10-09-2008, 04:07 AM
Got the book and read it about 2 months ago. Gave it to one of my co-workers and he read most of it and said he knew something was up and this book nailed it on the head. He himself dropped out of HS because he thought it was pointless and got his GED. Hes more intelligent than a lot of guys I've seen who go through the entire 12-year institutional stay. He's also from Mississippi.

He said that hes trying to convince his wife to raise their kids outside the system. However his wife thinks its just a part of life. Hes about to get his own copy of the book and mail it to her but he doesn't think she'd actually read it.

I myself only saw a few of these things growing up. I was too pre-occupied with gaming to fully see everything, but I remember several instances where one of these lessons were taught. I also went to a private school the last 3 years, so I saw a different version of things. I was lucky to have a teacher who was a mentor to our class and made us question what we've been taught.

Gatto brings to light a lot of issues I've been trying to pinpoint. I like his part on intellectual dependency, cause I see how thats connected to the media. These institutions don't encourage self-learning (enough). We are taught to always turn to the teacher for the answers, the authoritarian who lays everything we need on a platter. So we get stuck in the same mindset. We turn to whoever gives the information in the easiest form and don't even dare to think about searching for ourselves.