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10-07-2008, 12:04 PM


With this new organization we have opened a Yahoo group to be able to handle the correspondence from members. The group will be moderated so we don't get the spam and mess that goes on with some of the other groups.

Please join us at: freedomisnotdead-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

To post go to: freedomisnotdead@yahoogroups.com ( you must be a member to post)

The Granny Warriors will be attending a meeting of groups and organizations representing Freedom is not Dead in Houston on Oct. 11, 2008 where the most active groups in America will be brainstorming and deciding on the most positive and practical methods of fighting the eroding of our freedoms. The meeting will be hosted by Tom Cryer who has a plan he will be putting forth to all of us in hopes of uniting all of the activists groups into one huge force to be reconed with. We will be posting the information we get from this meeting on Sunday so you will know what is going on within the Activist movement and decide if we as a organization wish to participate in this project.

We need all of you to subscribe so all members can see your ideas and thoughts on the upcoming projects. The Freedom Is Not Dead Inc. organization will be one of transparency with no hidden agendas. Members will have a voice in the operation of this organization and responsible for sharing their thoughts, fears, ideas and proposals as well as how funds are spent.

We need help in building this organization, stock certificates will be issued to everyone that signs up for the Board of Directors with a $100.00 donation to help implementing this organization and procuring funds to bring Mr. Weidner to DC to file the criminal complaints that are being planned now. Becoming a board member will help us and give you the voice in the running of the organization that will make it successful. Your obligation as a board member will be to attend meetings ( conference calls) at least once a month and address any problem you have with the management or projects we are working on, offer suggestions, discuss methods of advancement and in general be active. Once a year there will be a regular board meeting at a location which will be chosen by popular voting by the board.

We need funds quickly, this cannot wait. Even a one 1 dollar donation will help. We are asking for your help in getting this project off the ground. Anyone that is serious about changing this government can find a few dollars to help with this.

Please chip in now. Do not wait. It is imperative we get this started.