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10-05-2008, 09:42 AM
For those who are fortune enough to live in a district whose Representative voted against the Bailout, may I suggest that you send a letter to your local paper publicly thanking him or her for doing the right thing. People always call or write when a politician has done the wrong thing, but too often remain silent after they have stuck out their neck to do the right thing.

Below is a template based on the letter that I sent to my local paper. Please feel free to plagiarize from it.

In the meantime, if you are interested in helping to un-elect those Senators and Representatives who voted for the bailout, please contact us at constituentresponse@gmail.com . We are working to coordinate ad campaigns to un-elect the traitors who betrayed their constituents. We aim to do this, not in 4 years, or 2 years, but in 30 days, so we need donations and volunteers quickly. If you can help, please contact us.

Contact the Constituent Response Team at constituentresponse@gmail.com.

P.S. We are in special need of volunteer graphic artists capable of producing art for a website and campaign material. We also are looking for people who are skilled in compiling information about congressional districts and in analyzing district races so that we can identify the most vulnerable of those running for re-election. If you can help, in these ways, or others, we look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.



Dear Editor:

I want to publicly thank Representative {FULL NAME} for having the integrity to represent the wishes of {HIS/HER} constituents and to vote twice against the bailout of Wall Street.

The disastrous bill bails out Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. It puts taxpayer funds at risk, while freeing up banks to continue making bad loans. It maintains and further subsidizes a system of flawed practices that caused the original problem. It will greatly worsen the long-term effects, and perhaps even the short-terms ones.

It is also immoral beyond measure for one generation to transfer its expenses onto the backs of another, but that is exactly what this bill does. It is American children and grand-children who will have to pay the tax bill to balance the accounts on Wall Street's greed and competence. It is the next generation who will be saddled with the consequences of the current generation's unwillingness to face its own music.

Sadly our Congress, which is supposed to represent the interests of the American people, has, again, acquiesced to the pressures of special interests. It is the wealthy, the powerful, and the international financial community that they, Democrats and Republicans alike, chose to represent over the Americans on Main Street.

The residents of {STATE} congressional district {DISTRICT NUMBER} are fortunate to have a representative who actually represents the hardworking citizens in {HIS/HER} district.



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