View Full Version : Ron Paul is Censored by Fox News According to Online Analysis

09-06-2007, 05:18 AM

Washington D.C. 9/5/2007 10:00 PM GMT (FINDITT)

An analyst at USAElectionPolls.com has recently published the frequency the top news sources mention each of the Republican candidates. As expected, the top tiered candidates were mentioned most often but by how much varied.

Their analysis found that the New York Times, USA Today, and CBS News were the fairest of all the news sources analyzed. The biggest "culprit" according to the web site was Fox News -- mentioning the Top 3 candidates almost five times as frequent as all the other candidates combined.

There were 13,000 references to Mitt Romney, 6,570 references to Rudy Giuliani, and 4,060 references to John McCain on the Fox News domain according to the Google searches that USAElectionPolls.com performed. Ron Paul was referenced the least of all candidates - 248 times.

The results suggest that Fox News mentions Mitt Romney in articles more than 50 times as frequent as they do Ron Paul. USAElectionPolls.com calls it "absurd" and continues on to say that in "no other news source is the disparity as large as it is on Fox News".

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We should mail this to Fox and let them know that we're aware of their ignorance