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10-04-2008, 12:14 PM
Online support for Chuck Baldwin !!!‏

Baldwin Insider

Dear Supporters,

In our last letter we asked you to write a few organizations and inform them that a main candidate was missing from their surveys or profiles. Thank you so much to those of you who wrote and who told us you wrote. OpenSecrets.org responded immediately to our request, and has Chuck Baldwin on their list of candidates now. Please don't stop writing the AFA, or other organizations that you know of who are not including Chuck in their surveys, voter guides, or lists of candidates.

Chuck, under the banner of the Constitution Party, is on the ballot in 37 states across the country, and an official write-in candidate for almost all the rest of them.

Our Digg profile is up and featured on the elections page as well. Those of you who have Digg accounts, please friend and Digg Chuck now!

MySpace is very active for Chuck, and he has over 3000 friends. His articles are listed there as well as many of the videos of his speeches. If you're on MySpace and haven't seen Chuck's campaign profile there, go look at it now!

Of course we have a facebook fan page, too. Please become a fan of Chuck and the campaign, then join one of the many groups for Chuck.

Time is slowly ticking away as we're getting closer and closer to the election. We'll soon be writing you with some effective and simple ideas for getting the word out about Chuck and the option he presents for voters this year! The campaign is going to seriously focus on advertising in these next few weeks. Some TV ads have already been made, but more are in the works.

However, production is only the first step in that process, and one that we take care of! The next step is to get these ads out to stations across America... and that is where we need YOUR help! Producing and developing ads costs money, but we have some great volunteers who are reducing our costs in this area extraordinarily. So nearly all of your donations go to actual air-time expenses! Any money that you contribute to the campaign now is helping to get Chuck Baldwin's face and message onto millions of TVs across America. Today's world is so technology oriented: and we've been keeping up with it, online and on TV. Please help us to be able to spread the message farther and more often in the remaining days! We have an easy online donation form, but you can also call and give information over the phone at 1-866-99-BALDWIN option 4. For those who prefer mail, please mail a check or money order to Baldwin 2008, PO Box 131, Palmyra NJ 08065. It's easy to talk about issues and to read about them, but please, DO something about your worries and concerns: donate now to Chuck's campaign!!

Chuck Baldwin information !!!


Chuck Baldwin's acceptance speech !!!


Constitution Party Promotional Video


The Baldwin Campaign has put some great videos up on their YouTube channel at





Click on your state and co-ordinate your efforts.


Chuck Baldwin on the Lou Dobbs Show !!!