View Full Version : Take back our airwaves!!!!

10-04-2008, 06:26 AM
Alright I have a great idea. I would like to start a website called takebackourairwaves.com. And how it will work is we pledge to call into our local radio stations aka talk radio and talk about the key issues. I noticed somehting this morning while listening to WORD radio here in Greenville SC, people are pissed off and they want a change. Not a democrat change but a third party change. First off there was a lady talking about the constitution and Chuck Baldwin and I noticed that everybody else was pissed off or actually new about some of the issues. The way I look at it is totally free and it will take is just a little bit of our time. Now don't get on there and start talking about government terrorism and secret societies. Just stick to hardcore facts. Now don't get me wrong I am well aware of GST and SS, but we have to let the people in slowly. We have an old saying in sales, on the first visit don't "throw up on them". Which means take it easy. Don't give all the information out just yet. The issues I covered were How I do not normally listen to mainstream radio and that I listen to alternative radio. Then I went into how we have to start supporting the third party candidates. Followed by the Communist manifesto, which I felt was appropriate because everyone seams to be on the "Where headed for socialism" band wagon. And I closed with the Fed and the income tax. So on the website we can have a list of states followed by counties. Also some of the core issues we can touch on. And maybe a message board would be good to toss around ideas. Let me know what you think. I am looking for someone to help getting the website up and I will take care of promotion. Send me a pm if interested.