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10-03-2008, 01:07 PM
Just received this e-mail

Dear Friend,

A lot of folks have begun calling B.J. Lawson the next Ron Paul. The comparison is very flattering. . . for me.

For those who are not yet familiar, B.J. Lawson is a wonderful young candidate running for Congress in North Carolina's Fourth Congressional District. B.J. is a medical doctor, family man, Constitutionalist and a fierce defender of individual freedom. We need B.J. Lawson in Congress to stand beside me in the fight for liberty, and against the corporate socialism that has overtaken our economy!

B.J. is running against an entrenched big government liberal who voted for the $700 billion taxpayer bailout of Wall Street and has a long history of voting for huge spending, raiding your social security trust fund for pet projects, and even voted for the Patriot Act.

A recent poll shows B.J. Lawson within striking distance in this election, but he needs your help!

B.J. needs $250,000, right away, to run the campaign he needs to take this race right down the the wire. I know that if we band together, we can help him get the money he needs.

I am asking you, as a fellow Defender of Liberty, to mark the four week countdown to this November's election and join with me and donate to B.J. Lawson's campaign this Tuesday, October 7th. I know times are tough, but that is all the more reason why we need to send a message and help B.J. Lawson.

Contributions can be made at http://www.lawsonforcongress.com

This one-day "Money Bomb" could be what it takes to propel the next Ron Paul into Congress. I hope you will join me to support B.J. Lawson with your on-line contribution this Tuesday, October 7th.


Ron Paul

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