View Full Version : Alert! House Traitors Pass Bailout Bill. Benedict Bush says he will sign it.

10-03-2008, 01:01 PM
As you may have heard, filling the bailout bill full of pork worked just as the Senate predicted. The House just passed it.

Despite that fact that millions of Americans wrote and called to say No!, the traitorous Senate and House (and soon to be President) said Yes!

It is time for a housecleaning! Time to show them that they work for Main Street, not Wall Street.

Based on quick analysis, it looks like there are 2-4 Senators who voted Yes who are in tight races, and 3 or 4 more who are vulnerable.*In the House, the analysis is similar, 7 or 8 vulnerable races where a little bit of influence might make all the difference.*Perhaps many more considering the switchers.

Targeting these so-called "representatives of the people," with print and radio ads highlighting their betrayal, could really make an impact on their chances for re-election -- and put the fear of constituency back into the Washington elite.

Are you interested in making it happen? There isn't much time before the election, so it will take funds and effort. Can you participate by offering time, skills or funds?*Please make a pledge to un-elect these traitors.

Contact the Constituent Response Team at constituentresponse@gmail.com.