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10-03-2008, 08:56 AM
Granny Warriors Live

Tune in for the discussion on Criminal Charges against the Congressmen and Senators, Special guests: Jack Blood( Activist Radio Host, Deadline Live), Mike Minns ( IRS attorney), Jay Zeitlowe ( the DVD guy) Penny Freeman ( candidate for Govorner of Texas) and several surprise guests, all share a round table discussion on pro's and con's and what we can all do to stop this madness.

Call in ask questions, give your thoughts, fears and hopes.

Tonight at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time


call in: 201-661-7217 ( show ID: 310386)


Criminal Charges are being filed against those criminals who initiated and supported the bailout.

Visit the website:

http://www.freedom-is-not-free.org for further details.

The Time is NOW and we don't have a moment to lose. Our Representatives and Senators have shown us they have an agenda of their own and it doesn't include the will of We the People. How much more do we have to take?? How much more time do we waste?? Aren't you tired of banging your head against a brick wall?? Phone calls, faxes, e-mails, sign waving and rallies - Have they had any measurable effect? I know the rallies and sign waving make everyone "feel good" but has it helped us in the congress, senate or on wall street?? It's time to show them that "they've met their match" and put them in their place once and for all.



A message from Jim Condit : http://www.wagthedog2008.com/



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