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10-01-2008, 09:03 AM

Ron Paul's campaign for the Republican Presidential nomination was not successful, but despite losing out to eventual nominee John McCain, Paul's name does appear on Cascade County ballots - as a Constitutional Party candidate.

Montana's Secretary of State, Brad Johnson, was told several weeks ago that Ron Paul requested that his name be taken off the Montana ballot. By the time the Secretary received the request, however, it was too late to make the change.

It is believed that Ron Paul's name appears on several other Montana county ballots, not just Cascade County, but KRTV is still trying to confirm this.

Deb Mart, the Cascade County Elections Supervisor, said, "At that point the ballots had already gone to print, so we couldn't remove his name from it. At this point I don't know whether he still seeks that position or not; that's something somebody would have to check with him or the Secretary of State."

Despite this problem, election officials by law are not allowed to inform the public of the error on election day; when a voter is handed a ballot, officials can not point out the mistake.

They also say if you attempt to write Paul in as a Republican, your ballot will be thrown out.

Ron Paul placed second in Montana's Republican primary in February 2008, garnering 25% of the vote.