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09-30-2008, 07:29 PM
This week has shown clearly that my opponent stands for the status quo, and that he feels no accountability to his voters. By his vote for Paulson's No Bank Left Behind bill, he embraces the failed policies of our deeply-conflicted leadership in both parties.

The good thing is that the media is starting to notice. From today's Durham Herald Sun:

* U.S. Rep. David Price, D-N.C., who voted for the defeated legislation Monday and represents Durham and Chapel Hill -- "... The defeat of the bill prolongs and perhaps deepens the crisis. Coordinating with the Senate, the House will need to return within days to try again. Perhaps the economic situation will then lead some members to reconsider their vote. Perhaps the bill can be changed in ways that attract a majority; I certainly have a list of improvements I would like to see. I will want to scrutinize carefully any changes designed to attract members who voted 'no.'

"I am committed over the next few days to continue working to avert financial collapse and get the best possible deal for America's taxpayers and homeowners. I welcome and share your concern about this situation and will be glad to hear from you at any time. ..."

* Republican B.J. Lawson, Price's 4th District challenger this fall -- "... Rep. Price voted to give this administration's Treasury Secretary unprecedented power to spend $700 billion to buy questionable assets from irresponsible banks, paying above-market prices in the process. Rep. Price's willingness to take orders from this administration and his conflicted party leaders shows that he serves corporate interests instead of the people. The bailout plan was presented to Congress under duress, with no hearings or debate. Most importantly, the proposed bailout would not have dealt with the primary problems affecting our credit markets: trust and solvency.

"Simply giving the Treasury a blank check to buy bad assets is like giving a blood thinner to a bleeding patient instead of stopping the bleeding at its source. ..."

In the closing weeks of the campaign, I need your help to get this message out to the voters. Two weeks ago, we put together a mailing to all Democratic and Unaffiliated voters who requested absentee ballots. The letter was simple and honest, with testimonials from Democratic supporters, and we received many positive responses.

For example:

What a phenomenal mailer I received last week in the post! I was unaware of Bill Lawson though I should have known better as I see lots of signs (thankfully!) throughout Cary supporting his election. I loved reading from 'lifelong' Dems and their encouragement to step toward true representation of the people and get out of 'vote for the party' mentality.

I can barely watch any election coverage, it is so discouraging to see across the board corruption at federal and state levels, and all political parties. But my vote will be for Lawson as his stance on lifeblood issues for this country matches my own. May this state and nation be put on right course...maybe for the first time in history!

Stephanie S.

I've appended the letter below. In addition to this letter, we want to launch a simple mailer and media campaign targeting Price for his unconscionable support for Wall Street insiders at the expense of American taxpayers. Please help us get the word out to 120,000 Democratic and unaffiliated likely voters in the district -- these mailings alone will cost just under $75,000, and we need your help to move voters today.


William "BJ" Lawson
Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's 4th District

- - - - -
Dear Voter,

My name is William (B.J.) Lawson, and Iím asking for your vote in my Congressional race in North Carolinaís Fourth District.

When people ask why I'm running for Congress, I start with a summary of my four primary concerns about our federal government, and Congress in particular:

1. Most people assume that our elected Representatives and their staff actually read the bills before they vote on them. They don't.

2. Many people assume that our lawmakers limit legislation to a single topic at a time. They don't do that, either.

3. Most people assume that our elected Representatives actually write legislation. Increasingly, they don't.

4. Finally, many people assume that Congress follows rules concerning what our federal should, and shouldn't, do. Not any more.

Our federal government is broken. Its current process obscures accountability, serves only special interests, and is hurting the American people. As your Congressman, I want to return control to the people with the following changes:

1. The Read the Bills Act: Congress should read legislation before it votes on it.

2. The One Subject at a Time Act: Congress should limit legislation to one subject per bill.

3. The Write the Laws Act: Congress should write laws and be accountable for their results, and not delegate rulemaking authority to unelected bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists.

4. The Enumerated Powers Act: All legislation must specify the Constitutional authority upon which it is based.

Our grassroots campaign is as diverse as our district -- Democrats, Unaffiliated, Republicans, Libertarians, and those long disenfranchised from the political process are finding common ground in a government that follows the Constitution and serves the people.

I hope youíll join our campaign for change in the Fourth District. Itís time to consider each candidate and the issues, and itís time for a new generation of principled leadership.


William (B.J.) Lawson, MD
Congressional Candidate, North Carolinaís 4th District

Please donate what you can to help BJ get the message out to the target voters!


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