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09-29-2008, 09:41 AM
Robert Kingsbury


Candidate For: Congress, 1st District

Political Party: Libertarian
DOB: May 5, 1926
Hometown: Laconia, NH

Website: http://www.bobkingsbury.org/

I started out in my adult life as an 18 year old rifleman for General Patton. I graduated from college in June 1950. Two weeks later the war in Korea started. I re-enlisted in the Infantry for OCS, was commissioned and came out as a Company Commander. I then served in the US Army Reserves until 1979. I was retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. I was married for 37 years and raised 4 children. I was a Marketing Supervisor for BF Goodrich, an Eastern Regional Sales Manager for the Ethyl Corporation and for the American Colloid Company. I am active in civic groups. I currently am a Director of the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers, and of Gunowners of New Hampshire. I am a Chapter Leader of the local Chapter of the John Birch Society

The candidate provided the following responses to the issues in bold:


We must be energy independent. We can and should drill for oil on US property.
Drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico created artificial reefs. The presence of artificial reefs increased the fish catch in the Gulf by a factor of ten. So oil wells in ocean waters mean ten times more fish for the commercial fisherman.
We can recommend geothermal heating and cooling, which immediately cuts electrical use, generally pays for itself in about 5 years.
We can recommend earth sheltered houses which also immediately cut electrical consumption and also pay for themselves in about 5 years.


Battles are won by guns.
We won the battle in Iraq.
Winning the peace is next.
Winning the Peace requires that we win the hearts and minds of the Iraqis.
Winning the hearts and minds of a people is done verbally.
(Winning the hearts and minds means we must eliminate torture in the prison systems.)
So the next step in winning the war in Iraq, is to win verbally in Iraq.
Winning verbally requires that we remove the "Democracy" we installed in Iraq and replace it with a "Republic", the same kind of Republic that our Constitution gives, us. We must remove the "Parliament on the British model "and give them a Congress (and a Constitution like our that has provisions "Congress shall make no laws" and thereby provides protections for minority groups such as the Kurds and the Sunnis). We gave them a National Police Force which is the worst from of police ever invented. We should give them a locally based police, like ours in the US, in which all (lawful) police work is local. In Iraq the Sunnis should police the Sunnis, the Kurds should police the Kurds, etc.


The only role the Federal Government ha with mortgages is to "maintain the obligation of contracts" (Article I Section 10).
The "bailout" of Fanny Mae, etc. only amounts to a way of swindling the citizens of America.


Health care is necessary for everyone.
However, the US Constitution prohibits the Federal Government from doing any health care (except for Federal Employees and for the Military).
Therefore health care (as it always has been) a State or local government function. and health care should continue to be a State and local governmental function.


Good jobs come from manufacturing.
Wealth and economic well being comes from manufacturing.
Lower taxes are required for well being.
Ending the large amount of tax monies we commonly give to foreign governments would also make for lower taxes and would be a way of improving our economic well being.