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I hate it when people call you a conspiracy nut for posing questions.

I am curious what everyone hears thinks of the deaths of Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding, and John Kennedy.

It seems all three did things against the wishes of the international bankers. In Lincoln's case, he issued the debt-free "greenbacks" as a competitive currency. In Harding's case, he strongly opposed the League of Nations, and in his presidency, the debt from the first World War plummeted due to an influx of gold in this country. In Kennedy's case, he passed Executive Order 11110, which would issue silver certificates backed by silver in the Treasury. I just do not know the details of each case, or if I'm inaccurate in my understanding.

However, Lincoln's assassin did not have ties to any international bankers, and it seemed he was motivated by revenge for what the president had done to the South. Harding supposedly died from pneumonia or food poisoning while on a train trip, but no autopsy was done, at the request of his wife. (A president of the United States dies, and they don't do an autopsy?) They have shown that it is possible to fire three consecutive shots from Lee Harvey Oswald's rifle within 5-8 seconds, and Oswald had no ties to any bankers. The man who killed Oswald did not have any connections either, correct?

So I am confused. Is there anything wrong about my analysis? I just want to know where I can find evidence that would show how international bankers or the Federal Reserve are tied to these deaths. I would prefer sources from professional websites, or at least respectable persons.

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i don't think anyone will answer til you change your signature :D

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Maybe it was all the same person who just hates presidents. How many presidents who did things "against the wishes of the international bankers" were not killed? Why would they kill or have killed somebody who signed an executive order which allowed (not required) the Fed to issue silver certificates for US silver reserves which did not at that time have silver certificates issued against? How would that hurt or help international bankers? All that was changed was the quantity of silver certificates which could be issued and increased the denomination of the new ones. Silver certificates were already available on other portions of the US silver supply. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_11110 Just asking questions.

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i don't think anyone will answer til you change your signature :D


I'll add to your premise the assinasination attempt on Andrew Jackson as soon as you change your sig

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anyone who believes anything the government says after JFK's death is OUT THERE!

Also the OP forgot to add, Reagan and the Grace Commission, James Garfield and Andrew Jackson to his list.

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~~~Bi-Metalism was not the primary motive of the young man who first
stalked Emma Goldman and then William McKinley, however the election
of 1896 was and is pivotal, and we do have the Greenbacks and the Populist
movement as a backdrop, let alone the speculative panics and a deeply
rugged depression after Reconstruction. ---Lincoln and Garfield precede the
Big Mack. if Harding was dead due to an unfortuate culinary accident, and well
we know FDR was gravely ill in November of 1944, its not until JFK's death
that we have an outpouring equally as unexpected and tragic as was McKinley's...