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09-27-2008, 06:42 AM
You are all invited to a meet and greet for BJ Lawson in Charlotte, NC on 9-28-08 from 2-6 pm at my house.

My husband will be cooking baby back ribs on the smoker and we have marinaded chicken breast sandwiches also. I'll be making slaw and my good friend Donna is making peach cobbler.

BJ will be there to meet all of the good supporters of Liberty in the Greater Charlotte area, so be sure to drop me a pm and I'll send the invitation to you.

I know that gas is a problem in our area right now, hopefully we will get a delvery today. If you need carpool assistance, let me know, we have people coming in from all directions and I'm sure that someone would pick you up and take you back!

If you can't be there, please consider donating on Sunday with a note letting him know that you wanted to be there, but couldn't.

Please help me make this a good day for BJ, thanks in adance!:D

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late afternoon bump~!

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when is he debating price

09-27-2008, 08:02 PM
I'll update you when I get the latest.

Bad news tho, BJ has decided to not come to Charlotte after all.

I don't know if you are all aware of the gas shortages in the greater Charlotte area, but it is very, very serious and conspiracy theories abound. It has been documented that gas stations have been avoiding selling gas at any price and are only selling to employees.

It is a completely fabricated shortage that should have never happened.

BJ has decided to not come to Charlotte (approx 2-1/2-3hr drive) due to this and "other economic issues" I.e. the stationing of US troops in the US and the "rescue" plan for our economy.

He is very, very concerned about the erosion of our civil liberties, as we all are, and has told me he feels better staying at home right now. I respect his wishes in this respect, although I am disappointed, it was the right decision.

Please check out his site and donate to the Lawson campaign, BJ sent me this email this evening:


Pat -- We'll miss you tomorrow and appreciate your efforts to set up the fundraiser.

Just wanted folks to get an idea of the impact we're making in NC-4 -- just received the below email this afternoon from a local voter.

We would greatly appreciate donations from folks who would have attended the fundraiser tomorrow --- and I look forward to another trip just to visit once the gas and financial situation have normalized (we hope...). Their support will allow us to keep getting out our message!

In liberty,

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To: marc.conaghan@lawsonforcongress.com
Subject: Thank you!

What a phenomenal mailer I received last week in the post! I was unaware of Bill Lawson though I should have known better as I see lots of signs (thankfully!) throughout Cary supporting his election. I loved reading from 'lifelong' Dems and their encouragement to step toward true representation of the people and get out of 'vote for the party' mentality.

I can barely watch any election coverage, it is so discouraging to see across the board corruption at federal and state levels, and all political parties. But my vote will be for Lawson as his stance on lifeblood issues for this country matches my own. May this state and nation be put on right course...maybe for the first time in history!

Stephanie Summerville

William Lawson, MD
Candidate for Congress, North Carolina's 4th District
919.924.1662 (c)