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09-27-2008, 01:06 AM
Hey everyone,

we need to support Doug Cloud. He's a great Liberty candidate and he's vehemently opposed to the bail-out.

He's followed the Mises Institute for a while and wants to get us out of the Fed, no IRS, slash and burn government regulation.

He ran a couple times before and the Ron Paul supporters didn't realize he was with us on the issues because so many of us were totally new to the game.

Before he had not gotten much of the GOP support because we had been against the war from the start.

Well this time we have an organization, and the Washington GOP is supporting him (a little, he just has the endorsement, but no money). The county chairs are friendlier to him this time.

But he's a great candidate and things are really starting to pick up. The bail-out is helping us, and the fact that the incumbent is on the appropriations committee, the 14th most-tenured member of the HOuse, and he's been in DC over 40 years, the first 10 as an aide.

The ant-war crowd on the left here are pretty pissed at him, and we're starting to build some coalitions.

Please check him out and donate a few bucks if you like what you see!

Doug Cloud for Congress