View Full Version : We can't let them win. :'(

09-05-2007, 08:20 PM
We can't let them do this. We can't let them succeed.

What they did to Dr. Paul was unacceptable. They attacked them so furiously. They were so insulting.

This is our country. We can't let them destroy it for us. I'm so upset about this debate.

I couldn't even keep watching it. I was so upset. I can't even listen to RPR.

This is war. It's war against the people. It always has been. With Ron Paul, we have someone fighting for us. So they're fighting back. Hard.

We've got to fight back. We've got to overcome. We've got to give this our all. Defeat is not an option. 3rd party is not an option. We must destroy the establishment. We cannot be defeated.