View Full Version : Doesn't Bailout Vote seem like the Iraq War Vote

09-25-2008, 12:42 PM
It seems to be the same type of RUSH pressed upon the people and their representatives as the vote on the Iraq War VOTE. All we have to go on is Paulson's word. So much power, and he wasn't even elected by the people. No bio on the cable tv of his background. I would at least like to know a bit more about his background. A vetting process, before we as a Country even buy into what he is saying.

Trust but Verify. I see No Verfication of what he is predicting. At some point, we have to start producing something rather than shifting coins under nutshells.

09-26-2008, 03:46 PM
I can tell you for sure that he was a Goldman-Sachs guy. A tool for the banking industry, says I.:eek:

09-28-2008, 09:42 PM