View Full Version : Social / crime cost of the bailout!

Matt Collins
09-24-2008, 08:14 PM
From Sam Bryant <sambryant@bryanttree.com>
According to what my guess is at the moment, the Government will spend at least 2.5 times what it takes in this year bailing out all these companies.

From Income Tax Causes Crime

To calulate the crime index
(Income tax + Social Security)*(Goverment Outlay/ Govermnet Receipts)*187 = Crime Index

(5.91 + 15.75)*2.5*187= 10,126 = Crime Index, Accuracy +- 15%

(5.91 was the income tax rate for the family of four at median income in 2007)

Moral of the story.
Get your carry permit if you have not already done so.



http://incometaxcausescrime.com/images/Itcc.png (http://incometaxcausescrime.com/)