View Full Version : Make every vote count-- I want to start a website

09-24-2008, 03:17 PM
I want to start a website devoted to recruiting people to unite and be dedicated to changing the election system so that every vote counts equally, and to promoting third parties.

I want it to educate people on state primary/caucus systems, the history of them, how they've changed, facts and figures related to them....

I want to show how much influence the media and the first primaries have on determining the two candidates that the ENTIRE nation is stuck with. I want to emphasize that we're a more diverse nation than that, and all of our ideas should be represented, or it is not a democracy.

I want it to educate people on the electoral college, and what our votes really mean in different states. The % that your vote matters depending on the state you live on.

I want it to educate people on many many different third parties, and the general history of political parties. How bipartisanship emerged. I want to make it easy for people to find parties that represent their views. (It will probably be a little biased towards libertarian parties, because I can't help myself :D. But I want every view represented, because it's more important that people think for themselves.

I want to make a strong point about voting third party.

The mission of this site will really be to make sure that one day every vote is really counted equally. We need to take steps now to ensure that one day we're not always stuck with two options.

I'd like to launch it as soon as possible, hopefully so that we can convince some people to start voting third party this November. But I don't have enough knowledge about the primary/caucus/electoral college system. And researching so many third parties will take a long time. So I guess that's unrealistic.

Right now I'm just sort of sketching out what I want on the website, and where I want it. Next will be in depth research on the current systems and third parties. Then the website will need to be designed and put together.

Anyone who wants to help at all, or who wants to comment on it, or give me any suggestions please PM me!