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09-18-2008, 01:03 PM
How can we effect changes in Congress? Email and Call our representatives!
Last Spring the immigration bill (Senate Bill 1348 introduced by Sen. Edward Kennedy) was being snuck through congress when talk radio got a hold of it. They spotlighted it and talked about the pros and cons. They talked about the sense of it, morally and legally. In short there was a radio blitz on immigration. Did the radio blitz change congress’ minds? Answer: NO. The Democrats and some Republicans like, Trent Lott, will say that talk radio is running America. This is not so. This talk radio media blitz attacking the immigration bill got us voters to call and write Congress.

Callers called it an amnesty bill, not immigration reform, and were almost foaming at the mouth. This collapsed the immigration bill in the Senate because the phone system in Congress collapsed with the call-ins. Why was this bill killed, because Americans too action, "Holding Their Feet to the Fire."

If anyone has any doubts whatever, John McCain in a campaign speech made reference to him now listening to the voters on the subject. VOTER PRESSURE is the answer.
Now imagine 100,000+ phone calls and emails to congress a week. This is just Ron Paul supporters if each of us called or emailed congress.

Let us put voter pressure on Congress. I suggest that each and every one of us become “Activists” and at a minimum email or call congress once a week about fixing a problem. I suggest using Ron Paul’s book The revolution as a guide for email and phone call subjects.

Since it’s in the news, we might want to start with… “End the Fed” and go back to the Gold/Silver standard.

09-30-2008, 11:47 AM
Great Work Folks!

Keep up the good work.

I really like the idea of "Congress - You're Fired!