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09-10-2008, 01:22 PM
We all did something no one thought we could do. We woke up a large part of the sleeping majority last year. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back.

I will admit, when Ron Paul quit his bid, It angered me, probably like many of you or others you know.

I took his sticker off my truck, the wife's car, etc... But I have followed it mostly since because I wanted to know if Dr. Paul was a shadow agent to this Zionist, Illuminati, Freemason, take over the world agenda BS.

Then came along Palin. She plugged Paul in with good words, she appears to be a constitutionalists, a conservative, a genuinely good individual. I mean how bad can she be? Plus shes nice to look at it, and has a good tale to tell. But as time has gone on you can see the shit is about to start running off her too.

Anyway, the reason I decided to write this is to spread out a buzz and see if we can all organize again for a 3rd party. We have 2 months to get all Ron Paul supporters, and as many other inner city young adults we can find and convince to vote, to pledge to a 3rd party candidate, however unless we pull these votes together for ONE candidate they wont matter.

Since Ron Paul isn't going to say I believe all RP supporters should put their weight and vote behind candidate #?, then we should, we need a campaign.

And as a white man I suggest we all get behind Cindy. For two reasons, 1 the sheer politics of it, and 2 because I think she is principled, and a fighter, that which Paul is not, and I think we need a fighter someone with some heart to tell these jackasses, who think they can do as they please, where to go.

A black woman, one that has proven she is against the establishment, up against a black man, who is being propped up and financially supported by it.

Or McCain, who the world watched get the nomination swept under the rug to him not to mention every time he makes an appearance he makes a huge ass of himself.

Paul is right, we have them on the run, with the sheer number of people who believe that enough is enough. Whether his campaign was a ploy, a Trojan horse of sorts, doesn't matter, whats matters is that we not allow them to clip this eagles wings.

The have us on the ropes wavering but they know we are not ready to give up, and they are running out of time. They will not complete this cycles agendas, they will not stir up civil dissent to the scale that which would require martial law to be enacted, they will however have a hell of a mess to deal with in 4 years :0)

That old song "Burning down the house" comes to mind :0)

<pat on back>

09-10-2008, 01:24 PM
I like Cynthia Mckinney alot but I'm not so sure about her politics..

but I will look into her.

09-10-2008, 03:08 PM
Yeah im not either but Paul didn't endorse any one candidate which says he is not too happy with the 3rd party options either.

And since she has a reputation for standing up to the bully, I figure why not, would be good for business (America).

So, time to turn on the grass root political machine and fire up the minds of the people by bringing in the polar opposite.

Right now is the time too because the msp (mainstream people) are on the ropes not sure if they should vote for the Muslim or the right wing extremist Palin, and they are desperately looking for someone to vote for that will appeal to the masses, i mean in the election of all elections, for those who vote, who wants to be wrong and feel responsible for ushering in the NWO (new world order)?

Another place, another time, we wouldn't be having this conversation, and the people would have already jerked a knot in the ass of this hole. But since we have to be civil while they act barbaric, then we should at the very least screw with their plans for world domination by throwing wrenches wherever we can.

Key is, first raising awareness through education :0) When you have enough people in numbers, and you have their awareness where you need it, then you ratchet it up. Same game they play, they just aren't used to people using it against them. I think they thought we would never figure out how screwed over we all are, or maybe they just thought we wouldn't notice or care. But I imagine their biggest concern is for the American citizen to become informed collectively about their rights, the laws, and the power each of us hold individually as Americans. We do not have to put up with this shit. The voting system was setup in this country to help manifest the sham we see going on today.

When we took this land and settled it it was done under God, not queen, not man, God, and our rights are granted by him and secured by will and bravery, not man.

When we all realize that, the game is over and they lose.

If you (goes for anyone) do care, its time to get political, and lets say creative and start sculpting the minds of the young in a way that best suits our country's interest, because this is the only thing that will keep the American response to this knowledge of what has been going on in this country for the last 100 years to a civil note.

Violence wont fix this, they may just incinerate us all if people want to start another armed revolution. What will? knowledge and wisdom, the campaign for liberty can, if enough people get involved.

The name of the game is made by the ones who understand the game is fixed and all about numbers. Get the numbers become the rule maker.

We took Ron Paul to the limits, he just went along for the ride, and we gave him very little choice.

But he stepped out of the game and took on a new role and wants to lead in educating and helping re- shape the generation that Regan was referring too when he said "freedom was only one generation away from extinction"

Simply put, that is the video game generation, the mtv generation, the entertainment generation, the worldly generation(s). If we don't wake them all up and help them understand whats been going on, tear down those walls, and re-shape them for the next its over. They win, and this time it will be us with no choice but to go along for the ride"