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09-08-2008, 02:01 PM
Constitution Party (Calling All Truckers !!!)

Constitution Party
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Calling All Truckers!!

We Need You To Help Us Carry The Message
Of The Baldwin/Castle '08 Campaign
"Across America!"

We are looking for truck drivers, especially, but not limited to, those who are independent and who haul "over the road," to help us carry the Baldwin/Castle '08 Campaign Across America. We want to hear from you!

If you receive this message and you know of a trucker who would like to help get the message out about the Constitution Party and Chuck Baldwin all across the highways of America please pass this notice on to that person.

Please contact us at: contact@baldwin2008.com or call 1-800-2- VETO IRS (toll free) or (717) 390-1993 and provide us with the following information:

Your name, cell phone #, email address, your state and please indicate that you are a trucker.

We would also like you to tell us (in just a few words) what you believe is the most important issue of the 2008 Campaign.

We will be getting in touch with you very soon to discuss how you can help in this campaign!

The Constitution Party depends on your financial support.

Please click here to donate... http://constitutionparty.com/contribute.php