View Full Version : NE1 Confirm: HDNet's "Dan Rather Reports" coverage of RP & the Rally For the Republic

09-05-2008, 03:20 PM
Should of posted this here (R4R):

We pulled a lot of strings and contacts with HDNet in Dallas and Denver, Covering the GOP/RNC to cover the CFL, Rally for the Republic.

We did get HDNet confirmation Dan Rather and his show "Dan Rather Reports" would be interviewing/covering Ron Paul and the Rally.

I still haven't received confirmation that it was covered/completed. Could someone within the Inner Circle please confirm this from the RP side?

I really don't want to bug our contacts again, since it would be irritating them on revealing programming, plus, it's already cost us a few "gifts".

But we can get some info from the RP side.

Thanx Y'all