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Jamsie 567
09-05-2008, 12:39 PM
Nice little interview I did for the OC Register while I was in MN for the Ron Paul Rally.

The Orange County Register

Twin Cites Amid the 10,000 Ron Paul devotees filling Minneapolis' Target Center on Tuesday evening were Huntington Beach's James Sugra and Dana Point's Karl Suazo, two key players in transforming the renegade Republican's campaign into a phenomenon.

Paul's three-day "Rally for the Republic" culminated as speakers were received with unbridled, youth-fueled enthusiasm. There was rarely acknowledgement of the Republican National Convention getting its show back on track across the river in St. Paul.

Ask the Paul-ites who they're voting for and you get a lot of shrugs. For most, the election lost its importance when John McCain became the presumptive nominee. Now, the mission is to build a long-term grassroots movement to promote Paul's small government, anti-war, anti-tax, personal-freedom message.

"You don't have to be president to make change," said Sugra, 28. "Like Ron Paul says, 'A campaign ends, but a movement can continue forever.'"

In October, Sugra was among the Paul enthusiasts frustrated that the Iowa Republican debate was planning to exclude their libertarian-leaning long-shot.

"We had to create something that wouldn't allow them to ignore him," said Sugra, who at the time was making and selling clothing labels and hangtags. So he created a video aimed at a one-day grassroots fundraising event for Nov. 5 – known as Guy Fawkes Day, for the English revolutionary.

He posted a YouTube video on Oct. 14 and almost immediately attracted 3,500 page views. The next day, Suazo posted the video on his popular RonPaulforPresident2008.com site. On Oct. 16, Florida's Trevor Lyman created a Web site devoted to Sugra's video.

"I was hoping for 100,000 donations of $100, and thinking we might get half that," Sugra explained while attending Monday night's Rally for the Republic outdoor concert.

The Nov. 5 drive raised $4.3 million -- and attracted press coverage that Sugra estimated worth $10 million to Paul.

It was a tipping point. Paul then participated in the Iowa debate, and momentum continued. If Sugra, Suazo and Paul have their way, that momentum will continue to grow.

"There is an urgency in what we're doing," Paul told the Target Center crowd tonight. "Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."

Sugra and Suazo embraced that attitude from the outset, launching their efforts independent of Paul's official campaign.

"We were making it up as we went along," said Sugra, who's made numerous videos since the Nov. 5 gold strike.

As for Suazo, the entrepreneur first became aware of Paul in the early 2000s as he delved into tax law and began reading the congressman's Constitution-based writings. He was hoping Paul would run for president in 2004, and was thrilled when Paul threw his hat in the ring this round.

"I was so excited Ron Paul was running, I was emailing everything I found about him to my fiancť and my friends," said Suazo, 38. "So much that they started to get annoyed. So I decided to start a Web site."

Sugra and Suazo are about two dozen Orange County residents on hand for Paul's Twin Cities events, which has included training on how to build the grassroots movement at the local level and build on the existing energy. There are Libertarians, Republicans and former Democrats, as well as young people attracted to politics for the first time by Paul.

Irvine commodities broker Allan Bartlett voted for George W. Bush twice, but winces a little when he says so.

"We're not expecting change overnight," said Bartlett. "But a few well organized people can win an election."

Bartlett is one of at least three Paul-ites elected to the county GOP's governing Central Committee – including Bruce Whitaker, an aide to county Supervisor Chris Norby, and former Newport Beach Councilman Nick Nichols. He says the task now is to broaden the grassroots base and focus .. races. One of those is coming up in November, as Evangeline Topa seeks a seat on the San Juan Capistrano City Council.

To support those efforts locally and nationwide, Suazo is going to transition his current site to one called RonPaulPlanet.com, a domain name he's already purchased.

Any other domain names he's reserved?

"I have RonPaulforPresident2012.com," he said. "Just in case."


09-05-2008, 12:41 PM
ronpaul2012 > ronpaulforpresident2012

Jamsie 567
09-05-2008, 01:02 PM
ronpaul2012 > ronpaulforpresident2012

Or as Colbert would say Ron Paul 2009 HAHA.