View Full Version : The Republican National Convention - McCain's Gulag

Badger Paul
09-04-2008, 02:28 PM
Here's some more stories from our delegates about how the Xcel Energy Center these past four days was turned into a giant prison camp. This came from an email.....

[I]We were censored and pressured. Period! We have been followed and surrounded by security everywhere we go in MN. We got treated as children the entire time by NV GOP leadership. . We gave the NV GOP their 34 delegates.

Nick Vanderpool (Delegate Organizer) earned our votes or I should say our absense of principles because he talked to us like an adult and not like a spoiled child stomping his feet. He has my respect and NV will not suffer the disfavor of the RNC overlords now. We may be able save our party with much work and talking outloud instead of secret whispers in back rooms.

That is the last olive branch! If we (Freedom Minded Republicans) do not receive any respect starting tomorrow, they (Anyone but Freedom Minded Republicans) will all have a hard time doing anything politically in NV without us on their ass on every issue.

We have learned their game and their tactics. We have out-played them at every step of the way. But when the rules change on a moments notice then we can not play anymore. We must improvise! As we have. NV will have its day in the future. No one is giving up! This is a rigged game and we see that clearer the ever now!

We are still processing all the happenings of this week. We have a lot of intel on the corruption seeded at the national level.

Meeting with other state delegations gave us so much info on other tactics we have not seen yet in NV.

More to come...

Carl Bunce