View Full Version : IF ANYONE HAS ACCESS TO ANY PICTURES (or knows of any) Of the Rally PLEASE POST THEM

09-03-2008, 12:16 PM
Please , if anyone has or knows of anyone who has any pictures of the Rally for The Republic...or has any themselves..please post here NOW....

What is needed or would be best is...

--hight group shots of the floor , showing 10,000+ people there

--shots of Ron Paul speaking

__shots of Ventura speaking

---shots of Barry Goldwater speaking

--any other convincing photographic evidence that shows the power and attendance of the Rally!!

THESE ARE TO BE DISTRIBUTED VIA THE MEDIA, AND PERHAPS AP OR UPI NEWSWIRE....ALSO MANY KEY DELEGATES WILL SEE THEM AS WELL(non Ron Paul delegates) We need to show people proof that the most significant event in political history took place yesterday...some 10,000-15,000+ people traveled from all over the Nation to see on man. THIS MAN CAN SAVE OUR NATION AND ALTER THE PATH OF OUR COUNTRY'S DECLINE.

Thank you for posting your pictures!!