View Full Version : Building A New Republican Party, Mac, Rudy, Mitt?

08-27-2008, 11:05 AM
The hardliners claim a united party within the Republican party. But the hard evidence shows no matter how many times the media says it so, doesn't make it so. Reality speaks louder than bought and sold media spots. No matter how much "special interest" money fuels both the Democrats' and next week the Republicans' convention, America is becoming more educated on the Federal Reserve System, the Foreign Policy Policing of the world and the efforts to go GLOBAL with the American constitution while not understanding and following it here at home.

As MSNBC is reporting McCain will hold rallies together with Mitt and Rudy oh yea and that Governor from AK who loves Prisons and the death sentences support on human beings while claiming to stand for life, in effort to show unity with the GOP. Not so fast buddies, you forgot some Republicans that no matter how much you try and ignore will not go away, RON PAUL REPUBLICANS. We plan to continue to build a new Republican party. SEAT BY SEAT. House and Senate everyway we can join together and take back our Republican history, That of Taft and Lincoln and of course Reagan. President Reagan who campaigned for Ron Paul.

Ron Paul who served his Country in the war and saved lives as a Doctor both during war and peace time. Ron Paul knows a little something about the economy.