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08-26-2008, 07:23 PM
Hello fellow Liberty Soldiers,
I wanted to let everyone know about a candidate here in Oregon that needs some help from us! I met with Jim Leuenberger today, he is running for "Attorney General". He needs campaign assistance and serious support from us, and you know what....November is right around the corner and will be on us in no time! He told me that he just spent his campaign budget on the voter's pamphlet (Which means that all he has is $300?), his competition has spent $750,000 already, can we help him out. We (RP supporters) wrote him in, he is supported by OFF (Oregon Firearms Federation) and Kevin Starrett. We can not leave him hanging...with a campaign that is barley limping along, we can do better than that! He is a true conservative, he fully supports the "right to bear arms"

"This civil right — the right to keep and bear arms — is the right that gives teeth to the people’s power to control the government and every other right bestowed upon them by their Creator.
I will, at every opportunity, argue that this constitutional provision and the 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution should and must be read literally. Neither provision includes an exception for felons, the insane, drug addicts, foreigners, dishonorably discharged veterans, or persons who commit domestic violence.
I encourage Oregonians to keep and bear arms. When more Oregonians defend themselves by keeping and bearing arms, there will be less crime. With less crime, we will need fewer police officers and fewer prisons." Jim Leuenberger

he fights for Oregonians rights! The constitution party has gotten behind him, so he should be on the ballot here in oregon, but we should still make sure of that! I got some material from him today to distribute, but feel free to create and distribute your own. I plan on contacting the Liberty PAC to let them know about him first thing in the morning. He is a RP supporter and very constitutional! If you want more information go to his web site http://jimleuenberger.com/ (which isn't as great as R.P.'s but if anyone is capable of helping him please let him know!) He needs people to make phone calls to friends and family, hand out information, possible yard signs, and donations are surely gonna be very appreciated! Guys we have a duty to our county to get people with the same morals into offices of every level!

Vote for Jim Leuenberger Attorney General - "Fights For Rights!"

JennyP.S. Please distribute this email to all Ron Paul groups, to friends, and family and everyone else!