View Full Version : The Case for the Constitution: A Survey

08-26-2008, 10:17 AM
I don't know where I'd go with this, a mailer, a website, a mass email, but I want to make up a "survey" about the way government works. The trick though, is that for every question that is likely to be answered 'yes' there is a similar question that is likely to be answered 'no'. The overall point of the survey is to show (without explicitly saying so) the hypocrisy of most people's view of government.


1. Should prohibition of alcohol be reinstated?
a) Yes b) No
2. Should federal drug laws be repealed?
a) Yes b) No

Now I think it's very likely I'd get a 'Yes' for 1 and a 'No' for 2. Most people wouldn't realize though that it's a hypocritical stance. Alcohol is a drug too and some would argue it's more dangerous than marijuana, ecstasy or acid. Furthermore, it illustrates that Congress overstepped their bounds by not amending the Constitution in a similar fashion to allow them the power to ban and enforce the ban of drugs.

I have a few other paired questions and I would like a few more. If you can think of two seemingly unrelated issues with commonly opposite responses I'd like to hear them. It needs to be clearly seen that diverting from the Constitution, not adherence to it, is the cause of many of our problems.