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08-18-2008, 12:43 PM

This for the purpose of receiving mail from volunteers to help the cause of
"Let Them Speak"
and other volunteer services at the convention.

Please let them know when you are going to be there, where you will be
staying, what your transportation situation is, and what you are willing to

Someone will return your email with more information.

"Let them speak" is an effort to get Paul, Huckabee and Romney to speak on
Tuesday night at the convention. This involves reaching out to delegates
and alternates yo the RNC who had Paul, Huckabee or Romney as their first
choice in the primary or caucus and convincing them that they have a right
to hear their candidate speak. Some of these candidates may be bound to
McCain, or not, but their first choice was not McCain......

I urge you to do what you can at the local level, with delegates you may
know only slightly or maybe not at all, to convince them to ask that their
candidate speak on Tuesday night. It is our hope that enough delegates will
ask for all three to speak as a position of unity due to the party pressure
that many of these delegates felt to pledge for McCain.

All of these delegates will be receiving the "DVD's for Delegates" DVD's and
copies of Ron Paul's Manifesto in the near future.

As you probably already know, almost all of the candidates in this 2008 Presidential Race favour
continuing the US foreign policy of Imperialism, Interventionalism, so-called "Pre-emptive War",
and Policing the World.

Neither Barack Obama nor J.S. McCain will end the costly, destructive, and disastrous US foreign policy
which has proceeded as an unbroken thread across several changes in the Oval Office.

Among candidates in the 2008 race who do oppose the warmongering US foreign policy
is Dr. Ron Paul , the libertarian 10-term Congressman from Texas, who champions a return to
the non-interventionalist foreign policy of the founding fathers. Paul and his supporters are calling for
an immediate return of troops from Iraq, and a return of US war powers to that
dictated by Rule of Law under the US Constitution.

Of course the GWBush Administration, which calls our constitution
"...just a #$&#%* piece of paper" and wants to continue the
war policy indefinitely, despises this anti-war message and wants to snuff it out.

The neoconservatives who dominate the Republican National Committee do not want
Ron Paul or any other like-minded Republicans to speak at their National convention in St. Paul,
because this Anti-War Message conflicts with the neoconservative agenda of
continual foreign intervention and warmongering support for the military-industrial complex.

There is a grassroots movement inside and outside the RNC convention to "Let Them Speak!!!"

"Let Them Speak" is an effort to stop the NeoCons from squelching voices of dissent.