View Full Version : A way to get C4L some more members..

08-15-2008, 09:06 PM
I was in the Philadelphia Eagles website forum and I noticed a presidential election thread in the "off topics" section. If we could go on all the NFL team forums, as well as the other major sports teams forums, we could get thousnads more members.

The Eagles website alone has tens of thousands of members. We can't be too aggressive, and we shouldn't mention RP right from the start. Just mention some of the ideas and work the discussion into RP and the campaignforliberty.

We need to make these goals. It is important that we have all the signs showing of strong and growing support. If we don;t make a goal or if we don't sell out the Target center, the media will use that against us. Lets kick this into high gear. Any other forums that are noteworthy, or any ideas lets bring them up. We must make this goal. Time to get to work!