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08-15-2008, 08:53 PM

Lest anyone suspect bias, let me admit that I am a �Mugwump,� a type of conservative Republican political activist, concerned about my country and my party�s direction.

We Mugwumps have been around for a long time, having been tagged with the moniker during the election of 1884, when our party nominated a remarkably corrupt Senator (James Blaine) for the presidential race.

Various dissident Republican Party members, such as Mark Twain, were sarcastically and derisively called �Mugwumps by the party faithful.� Mugwump is said to be an Algonquin Indian word for war leader.

The national election this year is the greatest of �ugly dog contests� for true conservatives and Constitutionalists. One dog, in my opinion, is clearly uglier, if only because he is older, less educated and intelligent, emotionally unstable, hangs out with the unsavory characters (e.g. Lieberman et al) , and has decades of Senate �experience.�

I speak of course of John McCain. McCain�s record is indeed the stuff of legend, from the Keating-Five scandal to NAFTA to support of almost every government outrage and handout ever proposed. The voters seem to forget the bothersome issues of 1: his support of full amnesty for all illegal aliens, 2: lengthy support of gun control, 3: support for pre-emptive undeclared wars, 4: expansion of overseas commitments including new military bases with nuclear weapons near or on the borders of Russia and China and 5: increased spending (more debt and money printing) and 6: support of managed trade agreements that have de-industrialized our country, to mention just a few shortcomings.

Mr. McCain, in a burst of rare honestly, recently admitted that he knows nothing of economics and that we will be seeing more wars. His economic advisors are all malignant neoconservatives, who derive many of their ideas from Trotsky and Marx, advocating strong central planning of the economy. McCain is the reason I own a Geiger Counter, buy gold and silver coins, bury whiskey in the woods and advocate the wearing of aluminum foil on your head when you watch television, especially Fox News.

Then, we have Barack H. Obama from Cook County , Illinois , graduate of Harvard Law School . This background alone could allow him to become a superstar rascal of the Senate, given a proper ripening time. His votes and rhetoric originate from the old recycled leftist mush of the 60s and 70s, the age of runaway inflation, plaid pants, bad haircuts, and disco leisure suits.

It is somewhat painful to hear him talk, especially when he mentions that new or proposed oil drilling cannot affect market prices or speculation today. This goes against all observations of free market economics.

Perhaps, it is just election-year rhetoric. It�s not his fault. One study diligently, and become self-taught to learn about free market economics today. The schools ignore it to our ever growing peril.

Obama�s penchant for physical fitness and nutrition tips us off about the possibilities of his administration. I foresee a road paved with good intentions, a stern schoolmarm sort of government, where we eat our vegetables, quit smoking, say �yes ma�am�, sit up straight, get new and improved bicycle helmets and warning labels on our fast food, coffee, etc.

New taxes on carbon, tobacco, alcohol, and ammunition should be the norm. Men that raise their voices, (let alone their hands) to their wives and girlfriends will experience a new, mandatory, and improved type of sensitivity training where they will learn the evils of white male privileged phallocentric patriarchy.

This will be fun to watch, perhaps from Costa Rica or Mexico , while smoking a hand-rolled cigar.

Given the feminized schoolmarm sort of attitude, an Obama administration would not attack Iran or any other country. Economic advisors would be pure �Keynesian�, where the printing presses will pay for all sorts of benign and expensive government programs.