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08-14-2008, 07:42 PM

Press Contact: Jordon M. Greene - jordon@bryangreene08.com

After a year of gathering signatures to appease North Carolina General Statute Chapter 163-122(a)(2) to appear on the North Carolina election ballot as an Independent candidates for US Congress in the state's 10th Congressional District (ranging ten counties from Avery down to Cleveland), Bryan Greene has filed a lawsuit to challenge the unconstitutional statute. Bryan has a been a candidate for US Congress since July 4th of 2007 and has worked, unsuccessfully, to obtain the needed 16,457 signatures to appear on the NC ballot as an Independent candidate.

Bryan feels that these ballot access requirements are used to ensure that third party and unaffiliated candidates are either unable to attain the ballot or make it nearly impossible. Through these laws, the two major parties can seek their election or re-election with little true competition, while continuing to promise change and the protection of liberty, while delivering the exact opposite, no matter which of the two major parties you look to. He believes that the ballot laws violate the individual's right to seek election, and most importantly the citizen's inalienable and basic right to vote their conscious without discrimination by the state. Yes, that is exactly what these restrictive and unequivocally biased ballot access laws are, they are discriminatory regulations placed on those who do not fall into the status quo of the two major parties, and are just as wrong and anti-freedom as was the discrimination toward the black community many years ago.

Bryan believes that the time is long overdue that these unconstitutional and unequal ballot access restrictions be broke down, and level the playing field for all political parties and unaffiliated candidates, for truly free elections as the North Carolina State Constitution demands in Article I Section 10. If Bryan's lawsuit against the State's ballot access regulation succeeds, the statute will be declared unconstitutional and Bryan Greene will become the very first candidate to every be placed on the North Carolina election ballot for the office of US House of Representatives as an unaffiliated/independent candidate in the state's 107 year history of the state-regulated ballot. In fact, never has a candidate for the US House of Representatives ever obtained more than 12,919 signatures to qualify for the ballot in the entire nation, let alone the 16,457 required by the North Carolina General Assembly, and the 10th District is not even the largest.

Bryan Greene asks that the people of North Carolina keep this case in their prayers and thoughts, as it is not just about Bryan, it is about the North Carolinian's right to vote their conscious. The case is Greene v Bartlett, in US District Court, Western District, and has been monetarily assisted by the Coalition for Free & Open Elections (COFOE). The case number is 5:08-0088.

Note: Bryan Greene is an Independent candidate for US Congress (NC-10), running with the endorsement of the Constitution Party of NC, Legislators Against REAL ID and the 100% Pro-Life PAC. Bryan is also a blue-collar worker at Frye Regional Medical Center, deacon and Sunday school teacher at Temple Baptist Church.


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