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Come on - Click the link, so they are getting an incentive to print more related articles.

Here's a teaser:

PULASKI A group of concerned American citizens began a 280-mile walk Monday to promote the U.S. Constitution and preach their message about the founding principles of the nation.

The Great American Walk for Freedom started in Green Bay and will end in Minneapolis with stops in about 20 communities. The group of nine plans to walk about 15 miles a day to reach its goal.

"We're very concerned with the state of America and we think that most, if not all, of our basic rights have been eroded," said Jim Azzola, one of the organizers. "We thought by starting a grass-roots crusade, in a sense, would be very effective because we have great appeal to the common folk."

In every community where the group stops, it plans to make a presentation about how the Constitution has a different meaning today than when it was written. The group spoke Tuesday at American Legion Post No. 337 in Pulaski.

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