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08-12-2008, 06:11 AM
Cleaning up the Senate and weeding out fraud and abuse should start with Senator Bernard Sanders. He is not an Independent! The Oxford Dictionary defines Independent as (1) free from the control or influence of others.



Sanders Turns Blind Eye To Victims,
Sponsoring Deadly MOTHERS Act

by Amy Philo, 214-705-0169, 817-793-8028

MEDIA ADVISORY –August 7, 2008 – The Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act, a bill
to institute nationwide screening and “treatment” of expectant and new mothers
at risk for depression, anxiety, and other “mental illness,” has been pushed by
pharma-backed groups for the past several years with little success until recent
months. Countless millions of dollars are already being spent each year
marketing drugs to women of childbearing age, and an astounding one third of
all pregnant women in the U.S. take psychotropic drugs according to the
American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. But pharmaceutical companies are
apparently not happy with their current record-breaking profits. When
advertising returns diminish and black box warnings for suicide threaten to
scare off potential customers, government mandates can sure come in handy.

Senator Bernard Sanders (I-VT) is one man co-sponsoring The
his recent PAC contributions here (full Press link above). They include tens of thousands of dollars from various groups such as a PAC for “advancing psychology,” “New
Jersey First,” and numerous other questionable donations that could alone
explain his co-sponsorship of this bill.) An email sent by Senator Sanders’
office responding to opposition against the bill stated that The MOTHERS Act
has nothing to do with medication. When asked for a comment, Sanders’ press
secretary on behalf of the Senator guaranteed that no women would be forced to
take psychiatric drugs as a result of the legislation, should it pass.

Who will put their faith in Senator Sanders’ assessment of a
bill that he co-sponsors quite possibly only because of who contributes to his
reelection campaigns? Should the public ignore the fact that a diagnosis of
depression, or being “at risk” for depression in the large majority of cases
results in a prescription for antidepressants, which then lead to psychosis,
homicidal and suicidal ideation and subsequent force drugging with more
antidepressants, anti-psychotics, anti-anxiety drugs, as well as electroshock?
Or are we supposed to just relax and trust that if Bernard Sanders says so,
passing The MOTHERS Act would not increase the disastrous practices of doctors
and others in the mental “health” field?

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This makes me ill. Having been through depression myself, I feel that the best approach is a good relationship with a family doctor. It's time that our legislators and pharmaceutical companies let physicians do their jobs.