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08-09-2008, 08:21 PM
As the Freedom Walkers begin to converge on Green Bay for our big “Kick Off” from Lambeau Field on Monday, the energy is building for our Town Hall Meetings on the Constitution. We are actually stunned by the receptivity and support we are receiving from the first towns on our route. Words fail to describe the positive response we are getting.

The Village Presidents of both Pulaski and Bonduel have called me to say that they support our Walk and the Town Hall Meetings and are actively spreading the word and encouraging people to attend. Just some of the ways they are helping: putting out emails to their lists, placing posters around town, putting out flyers, getting a PSA placed on local cable access, hooking us up with an interview with local news radio, getting the local Chambers of Commerce on board, telling influential citizens and offering to write statements of support...

And I’m sure I am forgetting some things. The Chambers of Commerce have also been actively supporting the events. Veterans organizations are distributing flyers to their members, as our Boys Scouts troop leaders. Really, it’s quite incredible.

It’s simple: Grassroots America WANTS to hear and talk about the Constitution and the Message of Freedom!

These Town Hall Meetings on the Constitution may well be the “Boston Tea Party” event that kicks our new 2nd American Revolution into high gear. Will the people come alive and begin to actively support Constitutional government from the deep down grassroots level? We believe this is possible!

Check out the schedule of our Town Hall Meetings where we will be presenting “The Case for Freedom: The Constitution Is the Way Forward for America” at http://www.Walk4Freedom.com (http://www.walk4freedom.com/)

Samuel Adams said: “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”

Please help us to set these brushfires and see them grow into a blaze of Liberty.

Can you see what can be accomplished with the Great American Walk for Freedom? Can we count on your support to do this work?

Please make a donation now at: http://www.Walk4Freedom.org (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)

Patriots Need Ammo! Buy us a supply of Pocket Constitutions at http://nccs.net/us_constitution.html

Ship to: Chris Rye

American Liberty Coalition PAC
561 Bighorn Ave.
Hancock, WI 54943

Support us by buying a t-shirt or other item here: http://www.cafepress.com/walk4freedom

Volunteer help, both on location and remotely, is needed during the Walk. There are many ways to support us. Please call 414-256-1307.

Keep visiting our web site at http://www.Walk4Freedom.org (http://www.walk4freedom.org/) for daily YouTube updates.

And please spread the word! Thank you.

Steven Vincent
The Great American Walk for Freedom

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