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08-01-2008, 07:47 PM

Fellow supporters of Ron Paul,

The Republican National Convention is less than one month away...

And we have SEVERAL HUNDRED elected delegates and alternates going who

The "official tally" of Ron Paul delegates stands at 42. But the UNOFFICIAL
count of delegates who are "pledged" to someone else -- like McCain, Romney,
or Huckabee -- but who ACTUALLY support Ron Paul, is now in the HUNDREDS!

For a couple of months now, our new FEC-approved Delegate Committee (like a
PAC) has been putting the word out: if any of these Ron Paul delegates, who
have been willing to put the time and effort into becoming delegates (and
suffer the persecution from the establishment), cannot afford the expense of
attending the Convention, WE WANT TO HELP.

At an average cost of $3000 per person (and yes, that is NOT a typo -- ask
ANYONE who has gone to the RNC before, and they will verify that number),
there are a number of people who really can't afford to go, but who were
willing to step up and fight hard to win that delegate slot. Now, they might
have to sleep in cars and eat peanut butter sandwiches in order to have the
opportunity to affect CHANGE at that convention.

We don't think they should have to do that. That's why we're trying to raise
the money to send them.

Supporters of the Ron Paul r3VOLution have come through for the cause, time
and again. Now, we need one more push -- and we'll have the chance to
accomplish the immediate goals at the National Convention.


Our Delegate Committee is one of the "public faces" of the current
INDEPENDENT effort to support Ron Paul at the National Convention. (Please
Note: The Campaign for Liberty is NOT affiliated with or endorsing this
effort.) As a "political committee" under 11 CFR 110.14(b)(2) we are
committed to two main goals: (1) to raise and donate enough money to send to
the 2008 Republican National Convention every Ron Paul supporter who has
been elected as a delegate or alternate delegate but who has need of funds
to get to the RNC; and (2) to promote Ron Paul and his ideas to every
delegate and alternate delegate attending the convention.

We've now heard from over a DOZEN delegates and alternates who have been
elected to go to the Republican National Convention -- and who have signed
sworn affidavits to support Ron Paul at the RNC -- but who need OUR help in
getting there.



This is not a scam or a rip-off. This is REAL, as a visit to the fec.gov
link on our website at http://www.DelegatesForRonPaul.com/ will tell you.

I have to tell you, we had a potential supporter that was going to send a
check to cover all of the expenses for all of these Ron Paul delegates who
need the help. He wasn't going to send a check to US -- he was going to send
a check to EACH ONE of the delegates, individually.

He has backed out on us. That's his right, of course; it's his money, after
all. But now, there are over a dozen Ron Paul delegates who might have to
stay home during the Republican National Convention.

I don't want to see that happen. Do you?

It's perfectly legal to donate to help send a Delegate to the national
convention -- whether you donate to a Delegate Committee (like ours) which
then divides up the donations among several Delegates; or whether you donate
directly to one or more Delegates to help cover their expenses.

We've been asked to help. We paid registration fees to one state party, for
eight Ron Paul delegates who couldn't afford it. But now, because of this
large donor backing out on us, we can't afford to help anyone else.

Unless YOU can help US.

We don't have ANY overhead or "hidden costs" for our group. There are NO
paid staffers. The ONLY cost we have right now is the credit card processing
fees when someone donates online.

If you can give $50, all of that money will go directly to Ron Paul

If you can give $100, all of that money will go directly to Ron Paul

If you can give $200, all of that money will go directly to Ron Paul

If you can give $500, all of that money will go directly to Ron Paul

If you can give $1000, all of that money will go directly to Ron Paul

If you can give $3000, all of that money will go directly to Ron Paul

If you can give the maximum $5000, all of that money will go directly to Ron
Paul delegates.

And if you don't want to give directly to us, we'll put you in touch
personally with one of these delegates, so you can give directly to her or
him. However, because of privacy concerns, we ask that you be willing to
donate a minimum of $500 if you're giving directly to a delegate.



For liberty,

Bill Greene, Chair
Delegates for Ron Paul
Alternate Delegate, Georgia CD-7

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Thank you for posting this.

Please help!


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National Delegates and Alternates:
Organizational meetup for RNC Delegates -

Join us!

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