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07-27-2008, 07:28 PM
Main Update, + we have uploaded the site to the real server and are starting to clean out the construction debris, not fully there yet, but closer, and will have some cool features...

We could use help, and money...

I am hoping to see people start practicing traditional fund raising methods. Just getting people to call their own circles is basic. I am reaching outside of RP folk and it is working. Most everyone knows we have a good point, whether they voted our way, or not. Many are supportive of our efforts. It is an easy sell, and a good opportunity to spread the message.

Be a Part of it :D



* 280 Miles in 3 Weeks *

* Public Town Hall Meetings in 24 Towns *

* Distribution of Thousands of Pocket Constitutions and Ron Paul Books *

* Goal: Sign Up 10,000 new members for the Campaign for Liberty *

PLEASE DONATE NOW (http://ronpaullosangeles.chipin.com/walk-for-freedom)

Sign Up to Volunteer (http://walk4freedom.org/volunteer/)

Sign Up to Walk the Walk (http://walk4freedom.org/get-involved/walk-sign-up/)

Join the Walk for Freedom Organizing Meetup (http://www.ronpaul.meetup.com/496)

Walk for Freedom Group on Campaign for Liberty Social Network (http://campaignforliberty.ning.com/group/greatamericanwalkforfreedom)

Weekly planning teleconference Mondays at 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central and 8 PM Eastern: (605) 475-6006, code 281430

Dear Friends of Freedom:
There have been many exciting developments in the Great American Walk for Freedom. Much has been accomplished yet much remains to be done and so much can be achieved. Let’s take the “Case for Freedom” directly to the American people. Join us, help us, support us and donate to us! Thank you.

Wisconsin Walk for Freedom Itinerary and Route (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
Here’s the Wisconsin walking route (http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2106363)
August 11: 
Green Bay at Lambeau Field : Green Bay Packers home opener, Monday Night Football, Sign waving, Constitution/CFL flyer distribution, sign people up for CFL, media interviews on launch of W4F.
August 11: 
Walk 3 miles to outskirts of Green Bay, spend night in RV’s
August 12: 
Walk 7 miles to Kunesh/Anston. Visit farms in the area. Rest
Walk 5 miles to Pulaski. Town Hall meeting. Stay over in Pulaski… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
Pulaski High School to Host Town Hall Meeting! (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)The town of Pulaski, known as “the most Polish town in America”, will be the host of our first Town Hall Meeting at the Pulaski High School 600 seat auditorium. The principal of the high school was very receptive to our idea of presenting “The Case for Freedom: The Constitution is the Way Forward for America”… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
“The Case for Freedom: The Constitution is the Way Forward for America” (http://www.walk4freedom.org/) …that’s the working title for the PowerPoint presentation I am working on to educate and stimulate the hearts and minds of the Amercians we will be visiting as we Walk the Walk. If you would like to assist please let me know…I could use some help! Email me at FreedomMessage@sbcglobal.net

USA Tomorrow to Publish Special Issue for Walk 4 Freedom! (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)USA Tomorrow, a pro-Liberty newspaper which has recently launched, will produce a special issue filled with content specifically designed to support the Great American Walk for Freedom… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
Thanks to Earle Belle and the good folks at USA Tomorrow! http://www.usatomorrow.us/ (http://www.usatomorrow.us/)… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
Afghan War Soldier Returns to Join Great American Walk for Freedom! (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)We just got word that the son of one of our volunteers who is right now serving in Afghanistan will be returning a few days before the Walk for Freedom and will go straight to Green Bay to join us! He has “had it” and wants to speak out… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
Melissa Hill Joins the Walk for Freedom Team as Minneapolis Walk and Picnic Team Coordinator (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)Let’s all welcome Melissa Hill to the team. She will be putting together a team of Minnesotans who will handle matters related to the August 30 Walk from Bloomington to Minneapolis. The 11 mile walk will be capped by a rally and picnic at a Minneapolis park. If you want to be part of that Team, please contact Melissa at smilyus@msn.com
Walk for Freedom Featured on “Downsize DC” Radio Show (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)Steven Vincent and Jim Azzola, part of the core team for The Great American Walk for Freedom, were Jim Babka’s guests on the “Downsize DC” radio show on Sunday… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)
I.O.U.S.A. (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)When this movie is out in August and making big waves, we will be Walking the Walk…people got questions…we got ANSWERS!
I.O.U.S.A. (http://www.youtube.com/v/HBo2xQIWHiM&hl=en&fs=1/)
Thanks to Buddy Smith for Volunteering the Use of His Pickup! (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)Buddy Smith will be driving up from Kentucky to participate in the Walk for Freedom as a driver and logistics volunteer. He has volunteered the use of his pickup truck… (http://www.walk4freedom.org/)

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Spread the word!

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