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08-29-2007, 03:33 PM
Below is the letter to the University of Hawaii college paper. It is 60 words to long and not perfect so any comments posted today that can help me clean it up will be appreciated. i am planning on submitting it tomorrow. THANKS

The social commentary Op/Eds published in the August 22, 2007 Ka Leo addressed the important issue of student activism. Jesse Szymanski questioned her Generation Y Peersí apathy towards the Iraq War. While Hannah Miyomoto found comfort in the fact that the early 60ís college students were equally indifferent to their civic responsibilities, but five years down the road these same students created the renowned revolutionary movement. While these articles didnít call out UH students specifically, the implication was clear enough, so listen up reader Ė we are talking to you.

I hate to rain on Hannahís parade but we are currently five years into this war, so something is clearly different between the students of then and now as at this point in time the 60ís movement was well under way. Jesse Szymanskiís piece proffered a few excuses for our indifference but attributed most of the blame to the fact that we arenít being drafted. I concur the draft is a major factor, but I would like to expand on Jesseís reasoning and add that in the last 40 years the 60ís utopian dream has had a reality check. In this time free markets across the globe have proven better for society than government controlled socialized ones. That is not to say that the American system of free markets is currently perfect, but it is now indisputable that countries without free markets are poor and often oppressed. So it is with this knowledge that our generation recognizes that its iPods and Puma shoes arenít from a communist factory, or the result of government regulations. So as Marxist ideals were buried under the proof of free market prosperity, so went half of the 60ís cause.

However, the peace movement of the 60ís still has credence today and is possibly even stronger now with 75% of Americans against the War. The current problem is that the peace movement has no party, i.e. there is no real difference between Republicans and Democrats regarding foreign imperialistic wars of aggression: LBJ (D) got us full swing in the Vietnam War and it was the loathed Nixon (R) who got us out. Clinton (D) was happy to use force and sacrifice American lives all over the world: Bosnia, Haiti, Sudan and Somalia to name a few. It took the approval of Congress to grant Bush (R) his War powers and after the Democrats took control of Congress in 1996, they are yet to fulfill their mandate of ending the war.

So with the 60ís Marxist ideals discredited and the lack of a party to turn to for real peace, there must not be a revolution today. Wrong, there is one Ė a revolution of liberty. If you are not just against the Iraq War but opposed to all foreign imperialistic actions of our government, and at the same time you appreciate what true liberty has done for America, then there is an important cause for you to join. The Ron Paul Revolution. As a Constitutionalist Libertarian, Ron Paul has stood strongly against the Iraq War and all uses of unconstitutional American force abroad (see Gulf of Tonkin Resolution), while also standing against the ďPATRIOTĒ Act, The War on Drugs and many other governmental attacks on your freedoms. So if you are fed up with Americaís war mongering foreign policy and authoritarian domestic policies, join us at ronpaulhonolulu.com.