View Full Version : Kelly Todd 2008 for State house representative VT

07-25-2008, 06:12 AM

I am in the process of setting up a campaign committee for Kelly Todd (my wife) who is running for State House in Vermont. We are located in the Orleans-Caledonia 1 district. Over the weekend She got the support of the Vermont Republican party, and filed the petition on monday the 21st of July securing the Republican nomination. She is set to be nominated by the Vermont Libertarian party on the 10th of August. Her party affiliation will appear on the ballot as Libertarian / Republican.

Kelly Todd's Libertarian credentials are as follows:

She served as the vice chair of the Barton Vermont Libertarian Party from 2005-2007.
She was nominated by the Vermont Libertarian Party as a state senate candidate in 2006.
She has worked on two of my Libertarian campaigns for State House.
She was one of the first people to test ballotbase.org in 2006 and made over 500 calls for Libertarian candidates including Bob Wolfe, David Atkinson, and Bob Smither.

We are testing the waters for support. We need any kind of volunteers we can get. Once we have accounts in place we need to raise a few thousand dollars, we need people for phone banking, and if you live in Vermont or New Hampshire we need people to help canvas towns. If you can help with any of these things or if you have any other ideas of things you could do to help the campaign please contact me as soon as possible.