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07-23-2008, 03:16 AM
Howdy, just bounced back after doing RevMarch in DC. Been promising I'd meet you guys. I love the project because I like long walks. And I think these big city actions are great, but we know that in what coastal people call "flyover country" is a great nation.

And since CFL demonstrates wisdom in placing the counter-rally across the river from where we might get our heads bashed in, we have an objective that will speak to all the people the walkers meet on the way.

So forgive me as I jump right in, and help me get up to speed. So far, this is what I understand:

1. You have like 30 days to raise your funds, get your plans worked out and be on the ground walking.

2. Your plans anticipate a budget of about $50-60k. You are currently at 1% of this.

3. You figure 280 miles in 21 days. So let's see here. A conditioned walker can do 25 miles a day, but most folks will want to do about 15 a day (trust me and in the first week they won't do that. They will be stiff and sore and have blisters). And there has to be rest days, so if you did 6 days off (like regular weekends) that leaves 15 days of walking so that's about 19 miles a day. So if you took one day off a week and walked the rest, that puts you in your comfort zone of walking 15.5 miles/day.

4. Your method of logistical support relies on rented RVs. Sounds cushy neat!

Do I have a grip so far? If so, it's an ambitious pace. Major rains or other things like finding something you really JUST HAVE to stay around for, this march pace doesn't allow much flexibility. However, the movement is young and guys like Hawaii are strong as nails so you can make it. And wait till you see Ed! You'll just have to walk farther some days.

The budget thing seems to be a major problem here.

The only other thing I can tell you in advance of conference is what we call "advance work". It's how you plan your route down to the community interface level. Which means you ask every business (restaurant, camp ground, church) for whatever resources they can offer. And not every town will be friendly to the idea of 5 or 50 or 100 or more people traipsing through. But some people will open up every resource they have for you. So a really good advance team, man people interested in that kind of work should be going to town right now, recording things on a map.

And a hint, even with the power of the internet, a certain amount of advance work happens a day or two in advance of the march itself. To make the final call, you have to see what it looks like.

Oh yeah and blisters. Molefoam. Chapstick, sun-screen and molefoam. Medics, Marshals come in handy as do support vehicles.

So please correct me if I'm wrong on any point above and I hope you found something useful in there. I think I'm more or less free to get into another project.


07-24-2008, 08:53 AM
Thanks Oyate,

I was in the same boat with the r3vmarch and am now just getting a better grip on this project.

Our original PAC had a paypal problem that threw some major wrenches in our ability to fundraise/promote. AdamT with Operation St Paul/Etc has stepped up to the plate, so we now have a PAC. Yesterday, we finalized the account... This has resulted in a scaling down of the project and associated costs. We are now starting off with a dozen walkers in two teams with 3 RVs.

While we will need all the help we can get with fundraising, etc. we are not relying on any sort of moneybomb and are using more traditional forms of fundraising. Each walker will be raising a share, within their own circles. That will cover a good chunk of the costs and our internet fundraising will fill in the remainder. We are hoping to get people to "sponsor a day" and "sponsor a walker". We have a widget that will be used for this and needed the acct finalized to implement. Yes, much of this is being done on the fly, due to shifting circumstances; regardless, these projects are effective and worthy of support.

Also, there is $3000 already pledged offline, that the temporary widget does not reflect, and I have yet to actually start promoting this and asking for money. Once the widgets are changed I will begin that in earnest...

All of your other points are well taken and appreciated, we have started advance work. The recent posting of the Convention schedule threw another wrench our way and we are re-scheduling to reflect the 2 day conflict. Yes, that means we have to step up the pace, but hey, we're r3VOLutionaries, having to step up the pace is to be expected at times...

I am finalizing some very important aspects today and will be writing more as developments occur. We still could use many different types of help, anyone who can, please do. Shoot me an PM/email