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07-19-2008, 04:09 PM
Meanderings of a tourist in USA found me going into every conceivable bookshop I could find and:
1. Congratulating people who stocked "The Revolution: A Manifesto" Most shops had it in their non-fiction best-sellers lists.
2. Complaining to managers who did not stock it. Notably the big Barnes and Noble bookshop close to the White House who told me they had sold out. Get more in then i said. The other blue RP new book also was not there. (Can't remember what its called but looks good---quotable quotes!) I had a really good talk to a bright bookseller in this shop. He was of the impression its over with RP. No way its just the beginning I rejoined. Anyone in that area, can you go check see if he did anything about it.

The best prize went to the Philidelphia railway station book shop. They had a special, central pedestal for Obama's books; John McCain's books, and "The Manifesto" and the blue book. Not a whisper of hilary, or any other candidate.
Again I congratulated the staff.

Also i talked to every American i could find and asked what they thought of RP. Many had not heard of him, some had voted for him in the Primaries, others were wavering like they thought he might be interesting if someone else though he was interesting. A couple of Texans had not heard of him.

I made the most of my NZ accent and decided in my wisdom to represent "the rest of the world" and pray i could get away with it. Talked about the Republicrats, CFR, the Federal Reserve and acted superior if they didn't know what i was talking about. Whcih most of them didn't.

You shure got your work cut out for you.

keep active in this area...pestering these guys....pleeeaze.

07-19-2008, 04:14 PM
Go the Kiwis! :D