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07-17-2008, 02:03 PM
Howdy folks!

I couldn't tell you this kind of thing before (security related, need-to-know type of thing) but we had permits with 3 different law enforcement agencies as well as communications with the Department Of Homeland Security. This included National Parks Police (where we assembled), DC Metro Police (as we marched down Constitution Ave) and Capitol Hill Police (where we ended up and rallied).

So here's how it went. First we had to clear everything with Homeland Security. They talked to us a couple times, got our names, took a week to think about it and they came back and said "go for it". No permits, no forms, Homeland Security was basically like "yeah, sure, we have no issue with 1st amendment type activity".

So we bounce over to the other agencies and we told them "DHS says we're cool" and they were like "ok, no problem". So we sent them our written action plan and I really think that made a difference in how we were handled. It just sort of showed them that we'd done our homework, we intended to keep ourselves organized and we had a real plan.

Now by what miracle all these agencies came together in one conference call where we got all this stuff ironed out, this miracle has a name. And of course I can't mention it here, but the movement has an angel over on Capitol Hill. She and her fellow officers uphold and defend the Constitution. We all say it. We were there. But to spend so much time talking about CHP, I feel that we and myself personally owe a great debt of gratitude to National Parks Police and DC Metro Police as well.

They really did a great job, all enforcement agencies did a great job of letting our Marshals (who also did a great job) handle pretty much every issue. And when they had concerns, they just talked to us and we worked out a solution.

And get this. The only "potentially hostile" situation with the badges was a Marshal calling for help FOR THE COPS.

Yup. It's a story for the history books, it's a testament to how our movement is different from any other. I'm not yet clear on the details, but about 5 cops on motorcycles penetrated the crowd to investigate....I think it was one of those guys with profanity on their signs or t-shirts and that's kind of a no-no on Capitol grounds, but predictably, our people (you people) began vigorously advocating fee speech, and the Marshal became concerned for the safety of who? The cops. And he made the right call. He called for help.

That Marshal made the right call. That was your donations at work right there people. That will have me LMAO for the rest of my life. Hippies do a demonstration and they call for help FROM THE COPS but in our demonstration we call for help FOR THE COPS. I think we might have stumbled upon a whole new form of activism here people! Forget civil disobedience, how about mass civil responsibility? I dunno. But that Marshal made a good call.

See, Marshals are trained to de-escalate situations, to cool it down, to keep it marching on. We tried to open up some space for their bigass Harleys to turn around in and the whole thing came to nothing. Whatever problem there was, t'weren't a problem after that. Nobody got arrested, nobody got roughed up. Everything happened that day more or less like it should be. I didn't feel like it was an "us and them" thing with the blue uniforms, I felt like it was an "us and us" kind of deal. But what you have to understand is that these Marshals got 45 minutes of conference call, a small pile of literature and about 2 hours of hands-on training. That's it. And they performed like they had been doing this their whole lives. Like they were made for it.

Expect to see more from the R3VOlUTION Marshals.

But I send this message out to all you who wear the shield and have taken the oath of office. And I send this to all you spooks in the NSA, FBI and the rest of the alphabet-soup people, and I send this message out to the officers in every state and town and village in the land, this message of thanks and brotherhood. Together, we are the people who uphold the law. And we need no explanation for why we do this. Therefore, where you come across us and our signs or as we congregate, treat with us as you would your own family because that's what we consider you. Deal gently with our females and children, because we would take care of yours. And let's find a way to deal with the loudmouths and belligerents in our movement, because we seem to have more than a few. And while the right to be an asshole ain't specifically stated in Miranda, it's certainly implied and that just makes our job easier.

Officers, if you hold one of our R3VOlUTION t-shirts or logos in the mirror, you will see "LOVE" looking back at you.

See you in the streets.


07-17-2008, 02:36 PM
I have a video of the incident with the police. It kind of annoyed me how the marshals were defending the police, even though the police were harassing and provoking us.

07-17-2008, 03:14 PM
I want to know why they were taking photos "for security reasons."

07-17-2008, 03:16 PM
Laying it on kind of thick, Oyate. The way you type it out makes me wonder what really happened. Appreciate brandon and robert giving us the real story.

07-17-2008, 03:16 PM
Didya get to see the AR-15 assault rifles they get to carry?