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07-15-2008, 01:50 PM
We’ve Talked the Talk….Now, Let’s Walk the Walk

Taking the Campaign for Liberty to the Street!

* 280 Miles in 3 Weeks *
* Public Town Hall Meetings in 24 Towns *
* Distribution of Thousands of Pocket Constitutions and Ron Paul Books *
* Goal: Sign Up 10,000 new members for the Campaign for Liberty *

We need $10,000 by Monday, July 21

The excitement is growing over the next big event in the growing Freedom Movement: “The Great American Walk for Freedom”!

On August 11, 2008, hundreds of latter day Paul Revere’s will step forward and take the Message of Freedom directly to the people of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. Displaying undaunted commitment to the restoration of Constitutional government in America, these patriots of the 2nd American Revolution will traverse 280 miles in 21 days to arrive in Minneapolis for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty convention on September 2nd. Already, 100 true patriots have signed up to Walk the Walk.

The Time is NOW
The Ron Paul Revolution of 2007-2008 showed that there yet burns in the hearts of many American citizens, especially the young people, a desire to resist Tyranny and support Liberty. We witnessed an unprecedented, inspiring, spontaneous outpouring of support for Ron Paul’s “Freedom Message”. We truly are the inheritors of the Founders’ vision for this country. It is up to us to realize the full promise of the 2nd American Revolution thus begun.

Educate and Organize
The Great American Walk for Freedom is not a protest or a demonstration. It is campaign of outreach, education and organization. In each town we pass through, with every American we meet, at every farmhouse and every crossroads, we will educate the people about the condition of the country and the solution to its troubles: the principles of Liberty and the Constitution.

A fleet of rented RV’s will serve as mobile dormitories, mess halls, bathrooms and supply vehicles. The RV’s will be decorated to advertise our message as we travel and will serve as housing in Minneapolis as well.

We will distribute thousands of copies of the U.S. Constitution, hold Town Hall meetings and interview with local media. We will awaken thousands of minds and organize them by signing them up for Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty. We will cut a swath across three States and leave a trail of Freedom in our path.

YOUR Help is Needed!
So much can be accomplished, but your help is necessary to realizing the potential of this vision. We need you to contribute and volunteer your time. Please help.

Our budget for this project is $60,000. This includes the cost of RV rentals, food, medical supplies, gas and the cost of materials for distribution.

We need $10,000 of this by Monday, July 21. PLEASE DONATE NOW at: http://ronpaullosangeles.chipin.com/walk-for-freedom

Walk the Walk
Won’t you take this crucial step forward and join the Great American Walk for Freedom? Be a true latter day Paul Revere and walk the towns and countryside of Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota with us to spread the Message of Freedom and Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty.

If walking the full 280 miles in 3 weeks isn’t possible, please consider joining us for part of the way.

Go here to sign up to Walk the Walk: http://walk4freedom.org/get-involved/walk-sign-up/

If walking long distances isn’t an option for you, please consider supporting a Freedom Walker by contributing towards the expenses of $1000 necessary to maintaining a Walker. Go here to be a Walk supporter: http://ronpaullosangeles.chipin.com/walk-for-freedom

If you can be present during the Walk for Freedom but won’t be walking, we need your help in many critical support roles.

Leading up to and during the Walk for Freedom, we will need volunteer staff to assist with a wide variety of crucial tasks.

Here are the tasks and teams we need filled in order to make this effort a success:

Walk Logistics Team
Internet Team
Video/YouTube Team
MySpace/Facebook Team
Fundraising Team
Media/Public Relations Team
Community Outreach Team
Liberty Convention Team
Minneapolis Parade Team
Legal Team

Sign up to volunteer here:

To stay up to date with the project, join the Walk for Freedom Organizing Meetup:

Participate in our weekly planning teleconference Mondays at 5 PM Pacific, 7 PM Central and 8 PM Eastern:
(605) 475-6006, code 281430

The Great American Walk for Freedom:

We need $10,000 by Monday, July 21

Please propagate this email everywhere!

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