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Neil Kiernan Stephenson
07-15-2008, 10:53 AM
I couldn't get Ron Paul's endorsement because I am running against an incumbent republican. However, I did just get this.

July 12, 2008

To my supporters and supporters of the National Initiative for Democracy.

I am happy to offer my endorsement of Neil Kiernan Stephenson for Congress in Michigan's 10th district. Neil has a great grasp of the concepts of freedom and liberty. He fought hard for me and my candidacy and I would like to ask you to do the same for him in his run for Congress. Even if you don't live in his district any support you could give his campaign would be greatly appreciated.

Neil has the integrity and drive to make the real changes that this country needs. I saw that first hand when he helped my campaign, and I know he will bring that same integrity and drive to Congress. The time has come to really dig in and fight the hardest battles for the soul of our country, and Neil Kiernan Stephenson is the kind of Congressmen you want on the front lines of that battle. If elected I am confident that Neil will expose corruption, and fight to protect our liberties in the same way you came to expect from me.

In the coming months until November 4th Neil will need donations and volunteers for his campaign, and I hope he can count on you the way I have. Our priorities and goals are virtually identical. And it would be great to have a Congressmen to help with the National Initiative. Remember that honest candidates are always at a disadvantage because we refuse to take money from lobbyists and special interest groups. Neil needs your help now more then ever.

You can visit Neil Kiernan Stephenson's campaign website at nks2008.com.

Thank you.

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Senator Mike Gravel